The articles should be no longer than 7000 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography). They should begin with a title, author and institutional affiliation (centred) and a 300-500 word abstract.

The body of the article (and the bibliography) should be in Times New Roman, 14 pt and the text should be justified and single spaced.  The footnotes should be in the same font, 12 pt. Block quotations and the opening of paragraphs should be indented, and the pages numbered at the base of the page (centred).

Footnotes (at the end of the relevant sentence) should be used in preference to endnotes. The spelling should be British rather than American, e.g. ‘colour’, ‘armour’, and ‘catalogue’ rather than ‘color’, ‘armor’, and ‘catalog’. Words such as ‘civilisation’, ‘theorise’ and ‘criticise’ should always be spelt -ise or -isation, never -ize.

For any reference queries (eg. how to correctly construct a footnote) please see the articles in the previous issues of the journal or alternatively for more detailed advice see the conventions laid out by the Modern Humanities Research Association in the second edition of the MHRA Style Guide (2008). The guide is downloadable from the MHRA website:

NB. All files for submission should be compatible with Microsoft Word 97.