About the Journal

“Victorian Network“ (ISSN 2042-616X) is an MLA-indexed online journal dedicated to publishing and promoting the best work in Victorian Studies by postgraduate students and early career academics. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the journal is guest-edited by established scholars in the field and peer-reviewed by doctoral students and early career researchers. Themed issues are published annually. 

If you are interested in submitting your work to Victorian Network“, please see our current Call for Papers, our Call for Book Reviews and the Submission Guidelines.

Contact: victoriannetwork@gmail.com


Eleanor Faulkner, Queen Mary, University of London (Media Editor)
Sebastian Graef, University of Regensburg (Submissions Editor)
Sophie Raine, Lancaster University (Peer Review Editor)
Scott Thompson, University of Florida (Books Editor)
Heidi Weig, University of Regensburg (General Editor)
Samantha Rohrborn (Copy Editor)
Madeline Hewitson (Copy Editor)



VOL 11: Summer 2023 - Dr Kari Nixon, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
VOL 10: Winter 2021 - Professor Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, University of California
VOL 9: Summer 2020 - Professor Kate Flint, USC Dornsife
VOL 8: Winter 2018 Professor Aviva Briefel, Bowdoin College
VOL 7, NO 1: Summer 2016 - Professor Sally Shuttleworth, University of Oxford
VOL 6, NO 2: Winter 2015 - Professor William A. Cohen, University of Maryland
VOL 6, NO 1: Summer 2015 - Professor Pamela K. Gilbert, University of Florida  
VOL 5, NO 2: Winter 2013 - Dr Cathrine Frank, University of New England  
VOL 5, NO 1: Summer 2013 - Professor Cora Kaplan, Queen Mary, University of London
VOL 4, NO 2: Winter 2012 - Dr Charlotte Mathieson, University of Warwick
VOL 4, NO 1: Summer 2012 - Dr Ella Dzelzainis, Newcastle University 
VOL 3, NO 2: Winter 2011 - Dr Beth Palmer, University of Surrey 
VOL 3, NO 1: Special Bulletin - introduced by Professor Regenia Gagnier, Exeter University
VOL 2, NO 1: Summer 2010 - Dr Ian Henderson, King’s College London
VOL 1, NO 1: Summer 2009 - Dr Muireann O’Cinneide, National University of Ireland, Galway

Katharina Boehm, University of Regensburg (Founding Editor)
Sarah Crofton, King's College London (Blog Editor)
Sophie Duncan, Oxford (General Editor and Submissions Editor)
Rosalyn Gregory, Oxford (Copy Editor)
Alison Moulds, Oxford (Peer Review Editor)
Megan Anderluh, Oxford (Copy Editor)
Sophie Bullen, King's College London (Peer Review Editor)
Tammy Lai-Ming Ho, King's College London and Hong Kong Baptist University (Web Editor)
Sarah Hook, Oxford (Books Editor)
Louise Willis, King's College London (Copy Editor)
Mariam Zarif, King's College London (Publicity Editor))

Peer Reviewers

Vicki Adams, Canterbury Christ Church University
Richard Barrett, Dublin Institute of Technology
Kathleen Bell, University of Leicester
Marissa Bolin, University of York
Emily Bell, University of York
Monica Boyd, Arizona State University
Sara Brio, University of Leeds
Quentin Broughall, National University Ireland
Sarah Bull, University of Cambridge
Verity Burke, University of Reading
Emma Butcher, University of Hull
Marco Canani, University of Milan
Anne Chapman, King's College London
Federica Coluzzi, University of Manchester
Ashley Cook, University of Tuebingen
Nicole Cote, New York University
Louise Creechan, University of Glasgow
Laura Davidel, Universite de Lorraine, France
Giuseppina Di Gregorio, University of Catania
Jacqueline Dillion, Pepperdine University
Meg Dobbins, Eastern Michigan University
Dara Downey, Trinity College Dublin
Daniel Duggan, Durham University
Jennifer Duggan, Sør-Trøndelag University College
Cayla D Eagon, University of Colorado Boulder
Alexandra Foulds, University of Glasgow
Sophie Franklin, Durham University
Claire Furlong, University of Exeter
Daniel Grey, University of Plymouth 
Oindrila Ghosh, Naba Ballygunge Mahavidyalaya
Helen Goodman, Royal Holloway
Rebekah Greene, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jessica Hancock, University of Portsmouth
Lucy Hodgetts, University of York
Vicky Holmes, University of Exeter
Εlisavet Ioannidou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Erin Johnson, University of Oxford
Lucy Johnson, University of Chester
Claire Jones, Independent scholar
Yannis Kanarakis, University of Liverpool
Karin Koehler, University of St Andrew's
Franziska Kohlt, University of Oxford
Jennie Kohn, University of Michigan
Kristin Kondrilk, Cape Western Reserve University
Sandra Leonard, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Mollie Le Veque, University of East Anglia
Asia Lev, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Hannah Lewis-Bill, University of Exeter
Ruth Mason, University College London
Elvan Mutlu, University of Kent
Lauren Padgett, Leeds Trinity University
Lauren Palmor, University of Washington
Nicole Park, Queensland University
Joanne Ella Parsons, Bath Spa University
Elizabeth Penner, University of Sussex
Jonathan Potter, University of Leicester
Fern Pullan, Leeds Beckett University
Claire Rennie, University of Leeds
Dominic Riste, Independent scholar
Alistair Robinson, University of Edinbrugh
Juan Manuel Rodriguez-Caso, Independent scholar
Molly Ryder, University of Exeter 
Lorenzo Servitje, Lehigh University
Rebecca Soares, Arizona State University
Wai Hung Tom Ue, Plymouth University
Dany van Dam, Utrecht University
Maria Rita Drumond Viana, Federal University of Santa Catarina
Laura Whitebell, University of Rochester
Briony Wickes, King's College London
Sarah Wride, University of York